Tamarind Collection

Tamarind Kitchen

The Tamarind experience de-formalised in the heart of Soho - Opening Soon

Tamarind Kitchen will be opening soon...

167-169 Wardour Street, Soho
London, W1F 8WR
United Kingdom

020 7287 4243

In 2001, Tamarind of Mayfair created history as it became one of the first Indian restaurants in the world to be awarded the coveted Michelin Star. Now, Tamarind Kitchen hopes to bring the same magic and exquisite dining experience to Soho, albeit in a less formal setting.


Less formal however, does not mean casual. The menu at Tamarind Kitchen has been designed by Chef Peter Joseph, who is also Head Chef at the Tamarind of Mayfair. Peter who has been with the Tamarind Collection for over a decade now, played a pivotal role in the Tamarind of Mayfair reclaiming and maintaining their Michelin Star all these years. Rest assured, the menu here is therefore every bit as delectable and exacting in its standards, as may be expected from any Tamarind Collection restaurant.


The Tamarind Kitchen menu has been created by first deconstructing the Tamarind of Mayfair menu. This was then re-engineered while maintaining the integrity and flavour profile of the original Tamarind menu. Traditional Moghul cuisine will therefore take centre-stage on the Tamarind Kitchen menu as well, with all the classic Tandoor favourites continuing to find mention. Tamarind Kitchen will offer a delicious choice of fish, meat and game cooked in an authentic Tandoor oven and will be just as true a representation of the delicious Indian repertoire.


There is, of course, more to dining than simply the choice of menu. No dining experience is complete without taking in the ambience as well. While the flavours at Tamarind Kitchen are a throwback to the royal kitchens of the Moghuls, the interiors have been designed to give just as elevated an experience. Inspired by the palatial architecture of Northern India, Tamarind Kitchen welcomes diners to a rich and resplendent setting of quiet elegance that is surprisingly as luxurious as the menu.