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Tamarind Kitchen

The Tamarind experience in a convivial Soho setting

Tamarind Kitchen is now opem

167-169 Wardour Street, Soho
London, W1F 8WR
United Kingdom

020 7287 4243

"Reassuring, friendly and just the right level of swanky. A good additional option to Soho."

In 2001, Tamarind of Mayfair created history in becoming one of the first Indian restaurants in the world to be awarded a Michelin star. Now, at Tamarind Kitchen in Soho, diners have the chance to sample the award-winning Tamarind experience in a less formal setting.


Set across two floors, Tamarind Kitchen offers a convivial and memorable Indian dining experience in the heart of London’s West End.


Dishes are priced competitively and designed for the Soho diner; elegant, enticing and truly forward-thinking. Inspiration is taken from the soulful cooking of India’s home kitchens and Tamarind’s own signature style, which sees regional Indian classics (South-Indian curries, Awadhi kababs, biryanis) mastered and refined. An outstanding list of cocktails, wine and teas complements the cuisine.


But at Tamarind Kitchen the food and drink is only one part of the story. Drawing on the palatial architecture of Northern India and designed by Russell Sage Studio, its brooding interiors are as enticing as anything conjured in the kitchen. Features include a lavish private dining room and subterranean cocktail bar, which is available for hire and perfect for a pre or post-dinner tipple.


A new chapter in the Tamarind story has been written.