Tamarind Collection

Tamarind of Mayfair

Michelin-Starred Indian Restaurant in the heart of Mayfair

20 Queen Street
London, W1J 5PR
United Kingdom

020 7629 3561

"Tamarind dazzles with couture Indian cooking, served with style and dash by a hugely professional team."

The year was 1995 and history was unfolding in an unassuming basement in Mayfair. A quaint restaurant opened its doors for the first time, with the promise of serving authentic flavours of the Indian subcontinent. And just as the spice rich fragrance of its kitchen would spread tantalizingly to customers, so did its fame.


In fact, Tamarind of Mayfair would soon redefine Indian cuisine for the London foodie. What was once the main stay of ‘curry houses’ was elevated to the realm of fine dining. And in the year 2001, Tamarind earned itself the distinction of bagging the first ever Michelin Star awarded to an Indian restaurant, and remains to this day one of only nine to hold the accolade.


Serving an eminently palatable spread that pays homage to Moghul culinary traditions, Tamarind Collection’s flagship brand has consistently delighted the London gastronome. Taking inspiration from traditional Moghul cuisine, the menu features a delicious range of fish, meat and game cooked in authentic Tandoor oven style of the North West frontier of India. Food philosophy at Tamarind is driven by a desire to present the eclectic and expansive Indian repertoire, bursting with flavour and originality, as a multi-sensory experience.


At a time when most modern Indian restaurants, in an attempt to appeal to a broader audience, tone down the flavours of the cuisine, Tamarind has stood a bastion of authenticity. Original recipes, authentic spices and ingredients with traditional cooking methods give one a true taste of the subcontinent. And to truly enjoy the plethora of flavours Tamarind of Mayfair now offers its recently launched Tasting Menu, a first in its 19 year history.


Tamarind of Mayfair is situated in an elegant, gold-accented dining room in Mayfair – London’s most luxurious and glamorous district bordered by Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Green Park and Regent Street.

Tamarind of Mayfair
Tamarind of Mayfair

"Dignified and luxurious, this elegant basement restaurant is synonymous with quality cooking, superlative service and a choice selection of wines"

Tamarind of Mayfair
Tamarind of Mayfair